Friday, June 7, 2019

My Reaction Essay Example for Free

My Reaction EssayThis novel was written to remind us the bad things that Jose Rizal experienced during his snip by the Spanish. From the very start of this novel, the first plan of ournational hero is, towrite this novel with the help of his countryman that is also suffering to the hands of the Spanish, only when suddenly he failed to do it with the help of his countryman, because his countryman lose their hope in fulfilling their dreams to have freedom in the hands of the Spanish colonies. Jose Rizal did not deliberate up, because he continue write this novel without the help of his countryman, and he decided to write it by himself only.The first chapter of this novel was entitled the paging, where in, in this chapter say the lifestyle of Don Santiago de los Santos also known as Capitan Tiago, he was from Binondo and he was the step father of Maria Clara according to this chapter. In this chapter, the other characters was begetter sibyla, Padre Damaso, and Tangent Guevarra . According to this chapter, Capitan tiago invited the said characters to go to his house and have asimple gathering, but suddenly it came to a fight between Padre Damaso and Tenyente Guevarabecause of the ereheng namatay.It illustrates the rotten placement of governance, the illicit ways of the church and the unfavorabletradeof the privilege class. The Noli also relates how the government, the church and the privilege class manipulate the people. The government deprives the youth ofeducationand how they use the peoples ignorance to their advantage. The treacherous friars by means of God and faith controlled the people. Making them dummies of all sorts. On the other hand, the privilege class used their elite status to get ahead of everybody, by hook or by crook employing the me first attitude.In the Noli, the weak and dispossed seemingly lose hope resulting to unfortunate deaths (as the case Pilisopo Tasyo) and sometimes insanity. (as the case of Sisa)Hence the crush formed a bro therhood that hopes to liberate the country by use of force. To no avail, due to disorganization and lack of arms, each and every attempt at resistance failed. In Noli, the character of Juan Crisostomo Ibarra was introduced, an intelligent and promising young man who has high hopes of changing the course of the country.

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