Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Doves Campaign for Real Beauty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Doves Campaign for hearty Beauty - Essay ExampleIn doing so, women are un sure that what this conformity to such a cruel standard is crushing their ego, shifting their focus on more important matters such as relationships, spiritual well-being and early(a)s to the more trivial things such as physical appearance.Dove is aware of the negative effects of todays concept of beauty to women of all ages. As a company with such an esteemed reputation as a global brand and a conscientious seller of beauty products, Dove cherished to look into these issues that women are dealing with.Together with a team of experts in their respective fields, Dove developed The Real Truth About Beauty A Global Report. This aimed to look deeper into the connection between women and their idea of being beautiful. Furthermore, this study intended to find out how women feel about themselves. This includes how women define their avow concept of beauty, their degree of contentment in relation to their appearance and the impact of their views on their sense of happiness. (Campaign for Real Beauty).In both era, the concept of beauty changes likewise, for every culture, there are also different standards to define beauty. Women, depending on their age, racial background have their own concepts and standards of attractiveness. Fashion spreads and television ads more often than not feature reed-thin models with flawless skin and picture-perfect features. This concept of beauty has led to most of the young women, most even in their teens to worry that they are not tall, blonde, pretty, or thin enough to measure up to this hyped up idea of loveliness. A majority of women nowadays feel that they dont hit the mark as far as physical beauty is concerned. Many young women and girls have developed issues with their body, certain facial features, skin tone, and this has paved the way for them to seek acceptance through other avenues. As a consequence, many have been lost to eating disorders, abusive r elationships, substance abuse and other physical and psychological disorders. This is too hefty a price to pay for a girl who just wants nothing more than the world to accept her just the way she is. Review of LiteratureDove believes that every girl deserves to feel beautiful just the way she is. With Doves supremacy in the business of beauty, it is a big deal that Dove has come with the Campaign for Real Beauty advert campaign series. This is a revolutionary take on traditional advertising efforts as it borders towards social responsibility. Speaking of social responsibility, Dove is aware of the consequences of the impact that a companys advertising campaign may have on the people that it will reach. Dove is also conscious that with the way the world of advertising portrays beauty nowadays, peoples views of beauty have become misrepresented to such a great extent. The launch of Campaign for Real Beauty is Doves way of serving the customary by attempting to correct

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