Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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The tigerThe Tiger is often described as a particularly dangerous, sly, andinvincible predator. The Tiger is the largest of the cat family. They havepowerful bodies, large paws, and very sharp claws. The head of the Tiger isrounded and has a convex profile. The ears are black with white in the middle.The Tigers eyes are a yellowish-orange color, but at night they almost lookgreen. Coloration of the Tiger is reddish yellow or rust- brown on the upperside, and a whitish under side. There is prominent beard like growth of hair onthe cheeks, and they may have a mulct neck mane. There body is covered withheavy black stripes ( Grzineks Animal Life encyclopedia 1972).During the day a Tiger may relaxation in the shade, or lie in a quiet pool ofwater to escape the heat. Tigers like water, and are very good swimmers.Northern Tigers warrant long migrations. These migrations occur when epidemicswipe out the prey populations. This type of migrations happens often.Temperatures down to -45 deg rees Celsius are not harmful and do not dampen theiractivities ( Mammals Multimedia Encyclopedia 1990).Tigers usually live and hunt alone. When they hunt they can leap 5 to 6or jump as far as 10 meters. Tigers do not usually prey on people, but some dobecome man eaters. If a Tiger becomes a man eater it is because of a wound,weakness, or only because it is to old. The young accompany their mother on thehunt when they are 5 to 6 months of age. Tigers begin to hunt alone when theyare just eleven months old. Before the young can hunt alone, the mother willdemonstrate how it is done(Comptons Interactive Encyclopedia 1993).Tigers usually prey on deer crackers cattle called gore, and wild pigs.Whenever humans have domestic animals, Tigers will feed on cattle, horses, sheep,and goats. A cattle eating Tiger will kill an ox about any 5 days, or from 60to 70 a year. If a tiger has trouble finding food it will eat birds orchis orberries. If a Tiger can not find any kind of food at all, it will eat any kindof public figure it can find( Grzineks Animal Life Encyclopedia 1972).Tigers have only three major requirementsthey need large prey,water,andcover.An adult tiger requires 12 pounds at a time, but it may eat as much as 60pounds in one night.A tigress with three young require 280 kg of meat everytwenty days.At times a tiger must go without food,or will have to make do with

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