Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Managing Activities to Achieve Results Assignment

Managing Activities to Achieve Results - Assignment ExampleISO 14001 lays lot certain tools and principles for efficient management of the environment and in any case roll in the hay provide certificates to authenticate an organizations adherence of principles. It does not enforce any imperious rules for effective environmental activities, but provides a framework that crumb guide an organization towards achieving an effective body of environmental management. The principles set by ISO 14001 can be applied by any organization irrespective of its activity or sector. A accompany or organization that uses ISO 14001 can ensure proper assessment of environmental impacts and improvement steps can be duly taken. This can have a brotherly impact on the management body of the company, its employees and external stakeholders. There are various advantages attached to ISO 14001. It can ensure effective management of environment impact which results in reduction of waster disposals and e nergy consumption. It can also enhance efficiency in the activity level of business thereby minimizing costs incurred for run of the business. It also paves the way for developing opportunities needed for expansion of business. ISO 14001 can help the organization to abide by legal obligations and this can attract more stakeholders and gain high trust level of the customers. Finally, it prepares the organization to confidently adapt to changing structure of the business (ISO-14000 Environmental management, 2013). Sutton Chemicals Ltd. I. Sutton Chemicals Ltd. manufactures chemicals and this is a hazardous activity. The company has a front bad record of accidents and poor health and safe and soundty management. Problems relating to safety measures are not only accede in the production area, but also members in the administration departments have been facing several accidents and mishaps. In legion(predicate) cases employees had to take three days leave from work in order to reco ver from injuries continue during the accidents. Among the various reasons that have been attributed to the accidents in the administration departments are poor ventilation, incorrect chairs and badly adjusted computing device oversees. For Sutton Chemicals Ltd., it is advisable to use the environmental standards set by ISO 14001. This will help the organization to assess and monitor environmental issues and their impacts, and likewise reduce the risks arising from the environment. Misuse or inefficient management of chemicals can cause many environmental perils. Chemicals can pollute the air and cause bad odour leading to respiratory problems and vertigo among workers. By adopting the ISO 14001 standards, organizational activities can be more effective with reduced risks which can benefit the company because costs can be curbed and profits can be enhanced. The environmental policies and regulations that are laid down by the ISO demand that companies set specific, measurable and timely objectives and targets (BSI helps to reduce..., n.d.). ISO 14001 can guide Sutton Chemicals Ltd. to fulfill its mission of securing a cultural environment in the workplace with minimum risks related to health and safety. Also, the chemicals produced can be maintain and sustained with efficient management. It is essential in a chemical factory that chemicals be handled in safe manner as it is good not only for the workers and other employees but also good for the business. befitting and sustainable management of

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